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Oak Porches - Complimentary Drawings

We are offering complimentary working drawings for all oak porch orders!

After answering a series of questions, we are able to ascertain exactly what you require.

This would include the footprint size; the width and depth you need, the design of truss and other key features.

You can provide all the information in a metric or imperial format.

Together, this will enable us to agree on the details prior to manufacturing.  Should your circumstances change or you wish to alter the drawings, just ask.  We would prefer to change a drawing than the actual porch.

Full support and advice provided by our very knowledgeable, helpful staff!

Please see our sister website for more details.  ‘Oak By Design’

Oak Porch - Details

Your oak porch will be different to everyone elses.

Therefore, your drawing will incorporate any dwarf wall you may have, door opening, and if required, we can add your windows locations. 

It is also possible to superimpose your drawing onto your property to visualise what your oak porch will look like before it's made.

For this service, we would require a photo taken from afar and straight on to the property. 
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